In 1971, as a result of reseach conducted by UNESCO, the University of Basrah decided to establish an institute which specialized in the study of marine environment in the Iraqi gulf. Three years later, Dr. Stevenson, a member of UNESCO's Marine Section, visited the area and studied the possibility of establishing such a center in Basra. Simultaneously, a group of researchers in the Department of Biology at the University of Basrah began considering same idea. The multiplicity and diversity of possibilities at the University of Basrah made ​​it possible to establish an independent unit which specialized in marine science research within the University of Basrah and it was dubbed the Marine Science Center (MSC). In 1981, the Center was established and all research on marine science in Iraq has officially became part of it. Since then, the Marine Science Center has become the largest specialized center in the region.


The Marine Science Center is the only center in Iraq which specializes in marine sciences. It offers scientific research services and consultation to both local establishments and the private sector. The Marine Science Center aims to provide the best service to the community and all who share interests and who benefit from an accurate diagnosis of needs and future expectations in the field. Also, it offers qualified, supportive, and interactive response for their needs by facilitating access to all university processes and services (educational, research, consultation and management).


The Marine Science Center strives to become distinguished among Iraqi, Arab and international research centers, colleges and universities in the scientific and academic fields for the kind of services it offers.In the future, the MSC intends achieve ISO 9001 certification (following standards published in 2000) using the ISO guide and with the academic approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


The MSC fosters a professional culture among academics and employees and seeks to spread this culture across all educational, research, and service fields at the university. The MSC seeks to expand the horizons of all its academics and employees through this philosophy.